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Daimler Majestic Major

Daimler Majestic Major

The Majestic Major was the first Daimler to appear after Jaguar took over the company in 1960, and was the most prestigious car in the company's model range. The bodywork looked identical to the standard six-cylinder Majestic, except for its larger tail and slightly different front grille. But underneath the old-fashioned coachwork, the Daimler had a well-kept secret. Power was provided by a fabulous alloy-head V8 engine displacing 4,561cc and putting out a remarkable 220bhp - quite something for a car of its era. The Majestic Major could sprint from 0-60mph quicker than most contemporary sports cars in 10.3 seconds, and could comfortably cruise at 120mph, yet inside it has the trimmings of a Victorian smoking parlour, decked with wood veneer and leather. Production continued until 1968 with almost 1200 examples manufactured.

Daimler Majestic Major Specifications

Top speed:120 mph (192 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):10.3 sec
Engine type:V8
Displacement:278 ci (4,561 cc)
Transmission:3-speed auto
Max power:220 bhp (164 kW) at 5,500 rpm
Max torque:283 lb ft (384 Nm) at 3,200 rpm
Weight:4,228 lb (1,902 kg)
Economy:15 mpg (5.35 km/I)

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