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Ford Taurus SHO (1998)

Ford Taurus SHO (1998)

The name SHO stood for Super High Output; Ford wanted this model to compete against the imports from both Europe and Japan. The drive train consisted of a V8, transversely mounted and with heads developed and built in Japan by Yamaha, as with previous SHO models. With four valves per cylinder and a balancer shaft to smooth out the dynamics, the engine was a keen revver all the way through the 7,000rpm redline. The only downside was the engine produced most of its best power above 4,500rpm, so low-speed response wasn't as good, though Ford made sure at least 80 percent of the torque was available at 2,000rpm. The suspension had a strut front and multi-link rear, with computer-controlled shock absorbers. Inside, the SHO came fully equipped with air-conditioning, cruise control, plus power windows, steering seats, mirrors and sunroof, making it a luxurious fast tourer.

Ford Taurus SHO (1998) Specifications

Top speed:139 mph (222 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-96 km/h):7.8 sec
Engine type:V8
Displacement:208 ci (3,408 cc)
Transmission:3-speed auto
Max power:235 bhp (175 kW) @ 6,100 rpm
Max torque:230 lb ft (311 Nm) @ 4,800 rpm
Weight:3,395 lb (1,543 kg)
Economy:19 mpg (6.73 km/I)

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